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Nondisclosure by Geoffrey M Cooper

As a department chair at a prestigious research university, Brad Parker thought the worst part of his day was going to be explaining a budgetary discrepancy of twenty thousand dollars to the dean. But that was before a preeminent fellow researcher comes to him with the account of a drugging and sexual assault of a female student by a mutual colleague. When Brad first teams up with investigator Karen Richmond to look into the allegations, the evidence seems fairly cut-and-drie

Deadly Focus by Sue Hinkin

None of this would be happening if she had just let him jump. She wouldn’t be sitting in a windowless prison in the-middle-of-nowhere, Mexico, if she had just let him jump off the ledge of that dive hotel in Hollywood, California. Not that Lucy could have probably actually done that — she’s a good person, after all, but it certainly would have made her life much easier. There’d be no murder, no poisoned cattle, no Mexican drug cartels, and no sexy CNN correspondent. But then,


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