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The Forge of Bonds Chronicle Four in The Adventures of Jason Lex Series by Wendy Terrien

4 stars You can’t blame Jason, Sadie, and their friends and family for just wanting things to return to normal after all of the supernatural upheaval they’ve been through recently. So, maybe you could excuse them for disregarding the potential significance of the increased numbers of Skyfish and the random, uncharacteristic Bigfoot sightings around Salton. It is only when Sadie sees the errant Bigfoot and believes it to be Merinda, the Yowie that killed her beloved Mamo, that

The Rampart Guards: Chronicle One in the Adventures of Jason Lex by Wendy Terrien

Jason Lex’s life is changed when his mother is presumed dead from a mountain lion attack and her blood-stained jacket is found. Full of grief, Jason’s dad needs to start fresh and moves the family to Idaho, where Jason knows no one except his Grandmother. Since moving to town, Jason can see weird flying creatures and wonders if he is going crazy, especially since he swears he saw his mom after her death. Soon after this confusing experience, Jason discovers his family’s secre


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