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Dirty Cooking by Carley Mercedes

Rich, handsome, troubled boy is looking for a live-in chef to cook meals for him. Broke, sweet, petite girl applies for job, but is infuriated (and maybe turned on?) by boy’s brusque demeanor and demanding behavior. Boy is similarly aggravated and titillated by girl’s refusal to put up with his attitude. Major sparks fly. What happens soon thereafter means that neither of them will ever view the dining room table the same way again. Dirty Cooking is for readers who like their

Crisis Desserted by Katherine Laurin

Crisis Desserted is the story of aimless yet passionate Brandy Tanner, a baker with aspirations of her own Martha Stewartesque empire. Trying to manifest those desires however, has proven as fruitless as mock apple pie. When she meets Jeremy, she finds someone who is not only sexy and smart, but he supports her and her dreams wholeheartedly, (could it be he’s even in love with her?) and that scares her more than using second-rate bakeware. Brandy’s normal sounding board for s


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