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WagerEasy by Tom Farrell

3.5 Stars

WagerEasy is an upcoming sports betting conglomerate on the verge of becoming legal—The novel is set in 2018 just before sportsbook became legal in multiple states—and WagerEasy has set up shop in Chicago. When Eddie O’Connell, former boxer-gambling addict-bartender turned PI learns that his friend has been murdered, he goes undercover inside WagerEasy—where his friend worked—and discovers the world of black-market bookies with Mob connections. New mobsters are fighting with old mobsters and enemies are everywhere, but all Eddie wants is justice for his friend. With the help of his uncle and former cop, Eddie finds himself deep inside the criminal underworld where everything is life and death.

Farrell’s novel delivers an old-fashioned crime story juxtaposed with an overlay of current technology that creates an interesting dynamic. The character’s voices are clear and unique, and the multiple plot twists keeps the reader on their toes. Even if you don’t know much about sportsbook, the author provides enough information that the inner workings of the betting world become clear.

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