The Forge of Bonds Chronicle Four in The Adventures of Jason Lex Series by Wendy Terrien

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

4 stars

You can’t blame Jason, Sadie, and their friends and family for just wanting things to return to normal after all of the supernatural upheaval they’ve been through recently. So, maybe you could excuse them for disregarding the potential significance of the increased numbers of Skyfish and the random, uncharacteristic Bigfoot sightings around Salton. It is only when Sadie sees the errant Bigfoot and believes it to be Merinda, the Yowie that killed her beloved Mamo, that everyone becomes concerned. You see, Merinda should to be dead.

As it turns out, the Yowie isn’t Merinda, but someone else close to Sadie. Now Sadie and the others will have to figure out if they can trust this person or not. Curiously, it is someone else they know and don’t trust at all that will help them uncover the truth.

The Forge of Bonds is the exciting fourth chapter in the Jason Lex series by author Wendy Terrien. While the story is thoroughly engrossing, it would benefit from the teens being more sharply delineated and a little less interchangeable. The individual characters do come to life in those moments when the author infuses them with teenage emotion, whether it be the giddiness of a reciprocated crush or the awkward navigation of doubts and insecurities that arise as the teens start growing up. In fact, the undeniable strength of Terrien’s writing is not in the action scenes (although they are exhilarating and adeptly rendered), or in the plot (which is intelligently designed and skillfully executed), but in her ability to warmly express the very human nature of her characters as they stumble, grow, and triumph, always with the genuine support of one another. That is ultimately what makes this book and every Wendy Terrien book so worth reading.


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