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The Final Twist by Jeffrey Deaver

4 Stars

Colter Shaw finds himself in San Francisco on a mission to locate a missing courier bag containing evidence that will bring down a corporation responsible for many deaths. This is the same mission his father, Ashton Shaw, was on before his mysterious demise. And probably, it’s the corporation responsible for Ashton’s murder, but so far, there’s no proof.

Colter was raised in a remote compound in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where all the Shaw children learned extensive survivalist skills. Colter’s skills merged survival with humanity and he works outside the normal boundaries of bureaucracy with a balanced code and moral compass.

Colter follows clues left by his father which were in a secret letter, including a map of possible locations for the bag. The corporation has many ruthless enforcers also on the hunt for the courier bag whose mission it is to suppress the damaging information before it becomes public. And if they take out Colter in the process, well so be it. And so begins all the twits and turns of another good Jeffery Deaver thriller.

The Final Twist is the third of the Colter Shaw series, and based on the title, possibly the last. Though this book works well as a standalone, and the characters are provided with enough history to keep the first-time reader of the series clear on all the life-events, it’s best when read in order. The first in the series is The Never Game, and the second is The Goodbye Man. Each book is worth the reading time.

Deaver’s accomplished storytelling does not fail here. The plot is complex with the added addition of various historical topics spooned in where appropriate to add flavor and depth to the tale. The plot twists, some surprising, some less so keep the story interesting if not always riveting.

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