The Evil Men Do by John McMahon

4 Stars

In John McMahon’s sequel to 2019’s The Good Detective, P.T. Marsh, of Georgia’s Mason Falls PD is dispatched by the Chief to do a welfare check on the Chief’s missing friend—real estate mogul and general con man—Ennis Fultz. PT and his partner, Remmy Morgan, find Fultz dead and by the looks of things—it’s murder. There are a bucket full of possible suspects, and a whole community who was cheated one way or another who wanted Fultz dead. Throw in some money and drugs, fights, a junkyard, and some cool cars, and P.T. and Remmy have a whole lot of leads. All appear to be dead ends, however.

Meanwhile, P.T. also has to battle his personal demons. He drank a lot after the accidental (or so he thought) death of his wife and son. And now his father in law is in in a coma after a building (not accidentally it turns out) exploded, and somehow all of these incidents are tied together with Fultz’s death. There’s a dark criminal conspiracy web woven throughout the murders, and P.T. has only scratched the surface. But why would some unknown criminal force target his family?

McMahon’s prose is spare, but evocative, and he uses the Georgia scenery like a character. There is no resolution as to who is the criminal mastermind, which sets up the next book in the series, but the lose ends are tied up with satisfaction for this installation of the story.

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