The Clan Calling by Wendy Terrien

Updated: May 12, 2020

The Clan Calling

Chronicle Two—Sadie in the Adventures of Jason Lex

(Terrien is releasing two books simultaneously: The League of Governors, and Clan Calling, both are sequels to The Rampart Guards)

Sadie’s no stranger to superpowers. After all, she’s seen her friend Jason Lex shoot bolts of electricity out of his hands in The Rampart Guards. But putting people to sleep? That’s a new one, and one Sadie didn’t ask for and doesn’t want, at that. However, that’s often how it works with the owners of superpowers, and Sadie Callahan is no different. In The Clan Calling: Chronicle Two—Sadie in the Adventures of Jason Lex, Sadie soon figures out that people unexpectedly dozing off in her presence is the least of her worries. An uninvited white-haired stranger starts showing up at her house at the same time as her beloved, usually healthy and sharp grandmother, Mamo, is suddenly beset by a series of intensifying nightmares that leave her weaker and more disoriented after every episode. What the unwelcome guest eventually reveals to Sadie will shake her to her core and ultimately force her to make a decision that will irrevocably reshape her family and her future.

The story is nicely paced, balancing well-written action with a solid, character-driven plot. Sadie is thoughtful, strong, and courageous — important attributes in every young heroine, with or without superpowers. Author Wendy Terrien does a wonderful job of creating an empowered, capable female protagonist that adeptly holds her own in the male-dominated urban fantasy genre without having her overcompensate to do so. It’s also interesting to read about shape-shifting as a painless, non-traumatic event, although Sadie might say otherwise about the after-effects. Both adult and YA fans of The Hunger Games series or Ransom Riggs’ peculiar children (to name but two) will find much to like in The Clan Calling. Terrien has created a world that is as unique, engaging, and memorable as any out there. It’s a good thing this is only the second book in the series because you can tell by the way the book ends that the excitement is really just beginning.


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