The Burn Patient by Sue Hinkin

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

4.5 stars

Fellow reporters and BFFs Lucy Vega and Bea Middleton thought the worst was behind them when they narrowly escaped a heroin cartel in Mexico and left their nemesis, Gary Mercer, engulfed in a ball of flames. The two return to LA intending to get back to their lives: Lucy handling the details of her uncle’s estate and spending quality time with her man; Bea starting a new job at CNN as well as keeping an eye on her teen-aged kids. Her middle-schooler, Alyssa, starts volunteering at a burn unit at Cedars-Sinai at the insistence of her demanding stepmother. There she meets a patient who appears to have the connections to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer. Although Bea is trying to be excited for Alyssa, something just doesn’t feel right. Lucy, meanwhile, starts an email relationship with her aunt, a healer who lives in the same remote mountains of Mexico from which Lucy recently escaped. Her aunt tells her of a man who was brought to her for treatment several weeks ago. He had been horribly burned in a car explosion but became stable enough to be flown to LA for treatment. His name? Gary Mercer.

The Burn Patient, the third book in the Vega & Middleton series by Sue Hinkin, chronologically follows right on the heels of the first two, with Bea and Lucy sharing equal time in this book. Their friendship is the core of the Vega & Middleton series and you see that here. No matter who else comes and goes or what problems they face, it is clear they love each other and have each other’s backs. Not that there’s much time for female bonding in The Burn Patient. Hinkin has written another rousing, action-packed story that barely gives the reader time to breathe, much less the characters. With likable heroines, depraved villains, and a cast of interesting supporting characters, Hinkin proves she is more than just a writer of thrillers, her writing is a thrill to read as well.


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