Stack A Deck: Book Four: The Weir Chronicles by Sue Duff

Updated: May 12, 2020

To Do List:

  1. Save Earth and its twin planet Thrae from destruction by your father Aeros and his brother the Primary.

  2. Rescue both Gwynn, your mother and one of three sisters whose combined powers have been essential to the survival of the planets and Rayne, the woman you love.

  3. Do it all without much of your Sar power while being pursued by Aeros, who is busy slaughtering all of the innocents who get in his way.

Welcome to Ian Black’s life.  Welcome to Stack A Deck.

Author Sue Duff has done a wonderful job of creating a world and people similar enough to our own so to be relatable, yet different enough to be interesting and original.  The plot of Stack A Deck is well thought out, creative and complex.  However, occasional clunky sentence structure and unfortunate syntax and grammatical errors distract from the flow of an otherwise good book.  If those flaws weren’t present, I would have given it four stars.  There is a glossary in the back of the book, which is helpful especially if one is new to the Weir world.

The fourth book of The Weir Chronicles has a solid storyline and lots of action.  However, it would be great to see the action scenes fleshed out a bit, as well as a more full-bodied description of the differences of environment between Thrae and the various colonies on Earth.The ecology in particular, seems sparsely illustrated.  That being said, the characters are engaging and the plot rolls along nicely, feeling neither contrived nor illogical.  Overall, Stack A Deck left me wanting more, and mostly in a good way.


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