Origins: Song of the King’s Heart Book 1 by Nicole Sallak Anderson

Updated: May 12, 2020

The Song of the King’s Heart trilogy is an Egyptian saga of family, power, and the rise and fall of empires. It’s also a mythic tale of the subtle energies we think of as magic, the type that can be used to protect or harm, or that create and destroy worlds. The first book, Origins, at its core is a story about love—one that starts as an innocent mutual infatuation between a boy and a girl and grows into a mature, passionate bond that defies space and time. That connection creates the foundation for an Egyptian rebellion against the Greeks that won’t soon be forgotten.

Nicole Sallak Anderson’s latest writing endeavor takes us to ancient Egypt and the time of the Great Egyptian Revolt of 200 BCE. Egypt has been under Greek rule for over a hundred years at this point and there are many in Egypt who have had enough. At last, the Oracle speaks of a union, and a Golden Child who will help Egypt reclaim its independence and glory. Prince Ankhmakis’s relationship with his twin flame, Natasha, is that union, and the Golden Child is their daughter Helena.

Origins is a sophisticated, engrossing story that sucks you in and won’t let go. The political intrigues, the love affairs, and the betrayals—oh, the betrayals! For example, you just know when the romantic overtures of Ankhmakis’s younger brother, Senmen, are spurned by Natasha he is headed straight for the dark side and there is going to be all kinds of hell to pay in books two and three. But back to the review...

The author’s done her research for this trilogy and it shows. Ancient Egypt comes to life in her hands, from the heat of the desert sun to the flicker of candles in the underground temples, you are vividly transported to a time and place that now only exists in our collective memory and imagination. The characters and their adventures are thoroughly engaging, and Anderson has deftly retooled complex ancient history into a story that is relatable, interesting, and relevant. Origins looks to be just the beginning of a fabulous, exciting, ancient Egyptian odyssey that you won’t want to miss.


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