Moral Panic by K.M. Ecke

Updated: May 12, 2020

Tanner is asleep and awoken by a group called Social Justice whose goal, so they say, is to keep Tanner safe from the FBI. Tanner’s a technology wiz and created a drone delivery system that will remove the need for human workers. Society frowns on this but Tanner does his best to manipulate the media. This attempt doesn’t work so well and Tanner ends up receiving death threats. Tanner goes to sleep, but then wakes up in a room with a bright light and a goon and is told he is wanted by the FBI for the death of his boss, a fake news story which Social Justice created in order to blackmail Tanner into working for them. Tanner is physically abused by Social Justice and in spite of this agrees to assist them without much internal musing. Social Justice’s plan is to intercept people’s phone data so information can be used to manipulate them. Turns out Social Justice is a hyper-religious terrorist organization whose mission is to stop human trafficking by any means, though this not their real motive. While Tanner is underground with Social Justice, people investigate his disappearance.  The story culminates in Tanner sending a video to every phone in the world, which is designed to end the organization.

There are not many good things that can be said about the book. The plot is confusing. The writing is convoluted. The cover is the best part, unfortunately.


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