Forever by Geoffrey M. Cooper

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

4.5 stars

Professor Brad Parker would like nothing better than some uninterrupted time in the lab doing research on cancer treatments. Unfortunately, it looks as though he won’t be getting peace and quiet any time soon. It seems there is a spy funneling information to the Chinese government regarding the cell-longevity research being done in his lab at Harvard. Brad’s previous work with the FBI makes him the perfect fit to help them catch the foreign agent. Against his better ethical judgement, he agrees to falsify data in order to set a trap for the mole. What Brad doesn’t know is that he has just stepped into a trap of his own, becoming thoroughly ensnared by a madman who will stop at nothing in his quest to achieve immortality. With Brad’s own life apparently expendable as victory nears, it will take some quick thinking and a cunning bit of subterfuge on his part if he hopes to survive the night.

Who knew the world of scientific research could be so deadly? Author Geoffrey M. Cooper, that’s who. With a third fiction novel under his belt (or lab coat, as the case may be), Cooper continues to impress with his suspenseful plotting and sharp, uncluttered prose. In Forever, he has skillfully given us a double whammy of scientific subversion and deceit intertwined with foreign espionage. While science itself is not the criminal element here, it is certainly the star of the show. Those of us who already have subscriptions to Discover or Popular Science magazines will be able to geek out with the brainy bits on lengthening telomeres and preparing nanoparticles. And those folks who enjoy a little international spying in our thrillers will be wracking our brains trying to figure out who the mole might be and what their motives are.

If talented authors achieve a certain immortality through their books being good enough to read and share, then Geoffrey M. Cooper is assuredly on his way to living forever.



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