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Easy Mark by Shannon Baker

4 Stars

Kate Fox is in competition with her ex to prove she is the better sheriff. He’s infuriating and she’s trying not to be bitter even though he left her for another woman. Then a local and widely disliked ranch hand is found dead, in a lake, in Kate’s baby brother’s truck. And now baby brother is missing.

Believing Kate’s baby brother is the murderer, Kate’s ex is on the hunt to find him so Kate needs to find him first. Even though the murder took place outside her county, Kate throws herself into her own investigation. This has to be a set-up. There’s no way her brother is the killer.

The mystery deepens when a whole herd of very expensive horses disappears from a pasture, and then a menacing stranger shows up scaring the bejesus out of the locals. Are all these things connected? As Kate races to eliminate suspects she becomes convinced that her baby brother has stumbled into something that will make him the next murder victim.

Easy Mark is Baker’s 4th book in the series. The suspense to keep you turning pages. The scenery is beautifully captured and seems like a character in its own right while Kate is complex, tough and yet vulnerable, and a great female protagonist. Poupon (the dog) is a good foil for Kate's inner turmoil.

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