Dirty Cooking by Carley Mercedes

Updated: May 12, 2020

Rich, handsome, troubled boy is looking for a live-in chef to cook meals for him. Broke, sweet, petite girl applies for job, but is infuriated (and maybe turned on?) by boy’s brusque demeanor and demanding behavior. Boy is similarly aggravated and titillated by girl’s refusal to put up with his attitude. Major sparks fly. What happens soon thereafter means that neither of them will ever view the dining room table the same way again.

Dirty Cooking is for readers who like their boy-meets-girl stories on the hot-and-heavy, NSFW side, with a generous serving of whipped cream for good measure. Don’t misunderstand, there are emotions involved, and a deep, soulmate-type connection between the two protagonists in addition to all the delicious sex. While the emotional set-up for Erik and Melanie is a bit muddled and a secondary character has a couple of story lines that are unclear or left unfinished, the author will surely continue to grow as a novelist and those won’t be issues in her next book. But as it is, her writing is good where it needs to be – in the bedroom. Dirty Cooking shows that first-time author Carley Mercedes has a knack for writing about the down-and-dirty acts that make erotic romance so popular. She gives you vivid, tantalizing descriptions of what’s going on without having to resort to forty different ridiculous euphemisms for all the goodies involved. The chemistry between Erik and Melanie drips from the pages. The torrid sex scenes do justice to the lusty stares and verbal sparring matches that precede them. If next time she mixes it up with a new toy, position, or other creative twist, all the better. Read Dirty Cooking and you’ll be hoping there’s a next time for sure.


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