Crisis Desserted by Katherine Laurin

Updated: May 12, 2020

Crisis Desserted is the story of aimless yet passionate Brandy Tanner, a baker with aspirations of her own Martha Stewartesque empire. Trying to manifest those desires however, has proven as fruitless as mock apple pie. When she meets Jeremy, she finds someone who is not only sexy and smart, but he supports her and her dreams wholeheartedly, (could it be he’s even in love with her?) and that scares her more than using second-rate bakeware. Brandy’s normal sounding board for situations like this, her sister Tasha, has taken a job in London and left Brandy to live with her parents in a small town an hour’s drive from Denver. That, combined with her parents having their own problems, leads Brandy to realize she’s been too reliant on other people picking up the slack for her lack of direction, and that it’s time for her to really go for what she wants, cake and all.

Even though Katherine Laurin doesn’t reinvent the rolling pin in her debut novel, what she dishes up is most satisfying. The story is comforting in its familiar flavors and the author creatively adds just the right amount of spice, much like a cup of hot cocoa that has an unexpected pinch of nutmeg in it. Jeremy is handsome and kind but has a past that has left him hurt and gun-shy in relationships; Brandy and her sister are opposites in the obvious ways but are the same where it counts, and their parents are quirky and imperfect and loveable, just the way parents ought to be. The success of a book like this hinges on the ability of the author to write relationships—chemistry, history, conflict, and the like. Laurin doesn’t disappoint with her ability to convey that overwhelming rush of new love as well as the shared past that is always present (for both good and bad) in our interactions with siblings and parents. From flour to frosting, Crisis Desserted is fun and sweet and will have you asking for seconds.


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