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Bad Medicine by Geoffrey M. Cooper

5 Stars

What could be more fun than mediating a tenure dispute between scientists? Professor Brad Parker could think of a hundred things, like an unanesthetized root canal, for instance. But when he was voluntold to go to the Maine Translational Research Institute and do just that, saying no wasn’t really an option. Once he gets there, however, it doesn’t take long for his tiresome mediation to turn into a much more interesting investigation of scientific sabotage, poisoning, and murder.

Soon after he arrives at MTRI, it becomes apparent to Brad and his girlfriend, FBI agent Karen Richmond, that one of the tenure candidate’s work is being unfairly attacked by her fellow scientists. Why? And who would stand to gain by discrediting her cancer research? There is another scientist whose promising cancer drug development has him up for tenure as well. His work is flawless—maybe a bit too flawless.

Author Geoffrey M. Cooper continues to build an impressive authorial resume with the third book in the Brad Parker and Karen Richmond series, expertly constructing a tale of greed and desperation, focusing on the lengths someone might go to when there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Bad Medicine superbly illuminates the author’s ability to create plausible stories that are consistently inventive and thrilling. Cooper’s increasing ease with storytelling is also apparent as he fleshes out Brad and Karen a bit and adds a wonderfully cold and calculating secondary point of view with the hit man. This successfully serves to enhance the story and adds depth to his signature no-frills writing style. With every book he pens, Cooper consistently proves that he is an author of novels you simply can’t put down. It is easy to get sucked in to one with the intention of reading just a chapter or two, only to look up as you close the book and realize you’ve read the whole thing in one sitting. But Geoffrey M. Cooper is that good. And so is Bad Medicine.

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