A Town Called Vengeance by Kevin Wolf

Updated: May 12, 2020

Kepler lives in the Old West. He’s a newspaper man, a journalist. The world is hot, and dry, and downright miserable. And he finally has a girl, one that he loves. They travel by stagecoach with a bunch of Buffalo Soldiers to Vengeance, Arizona to escape all that’s bad in Colorado. And then Kepler spots her. A she-wolf following along with the coach for the last couple of hours. And Apaches. Kepler’s past has caught up with him.

This novel opens like any western might. There’s a solitary man of the west on a quest for someone, or something. The atmosphere is moody, subtly oppressive, a character in its own right. The story is peopled with cowboys and Indians, wayward women and bad men in black.

But there’s something very different about Vengence. Wolf men. And they hold a grudge.


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